It’s that month again where women who love beards either begin to fall deeper in love with the facial rugs or fall out of love due to the unreasonable lengths they get towards the end of this month due to the famous “No Shave November.” This is the time of the year when men ditch their razors for….. yea I never knew why either. Well here is the deal.
If your man participates make sure he is actually raising money while doing it. Shh I wont tell if he is only saving for your Christmas gift. However, that’s the point of the movement. The lack of razor usage is actually to raise awareness for prostate, testicular cancer and other male cancers.
A Chicago native, Christine Hill, raises money for her late father explains “A lot of cancer patients undergo chemo and they lose their hair. So we grow our hair for those that are losing it, and then the money that you would have spent on hair removal is donated to the cause.”
For the last 3 years Heavy Hitters very own DJ LBoogs, has participated not only by not shaving his facial hair but also by creating a page for you and yours to donate and raise money without giving your girl a rug burn. Head to and spread awareness.
Men if you aren’t participating do something for yourself and make an appointment to see your physician and or hit up these sites for more info, and

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