Rick Ross horseRick Ross has some horses out on his Atlanta area estate.

But from the looks of this video, he’s never ridden one before.

“Taking the shit back the eighteen hundreds,” Ross jokes.

While Ross does pretty well in the saddle for a novice, at times the horse appears to be buckling under Ross’s weight.

Twitter took notice and threatened to call PETA.

Video on IG Of rick ross tryna get on a horse. I couldnt even watch it bro. Im boutta to call PETA On dis nigga

— JayZOverrated (@JayZOverrated) October 10, 2016

Why rick Ross did that to that poor horse, someone call PETA

— Chimi Lady (@Pinkspanishfly) October 10, 2016

Rip to the horse Rick Ross just hopped on

— Jey (@Nossyej13) October 10, 2016

Can someone tell Rick Ross to get off that horse. #animalcruelty

— nebey (@09nebzSZN) October 10, 2016

More footage from Ross’s horse party in Atlanta is below.

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