I’m a huge fan of podcast I enjoy listening to hip hop heads chop it up. While just cruising through soundcloud I came across “Phone Tapped” with Stack Ones CalOne DaGod and First Born Man. It’s not your typical podcast it’s done over the phone (I personally think someone can’t cross state lines due to an ankle bracelet). The first episode I heard was Ep 5 where they talked shit about social issues along with incorporating music to fit the current state of social injustices of Black people in this country. After hearing them and the music I immediately needed to hear more and I must say I wasn’t disappointed. I actually learned some things. I was also amazed by the fact that I was listening to 3 very strong personalities that don’t clash. That’s the equivalent of a lion tiger and bear Co existing with no problems. Along with that the content ,vibe , and format wereoriginal and unique. I feel this podcast which is aired on www.newyorkundergroundradio.com every Monday at 7pm and hits soundcloud a day or two after. A must listen to , so if any of you have the time check them out. They’re also open to playing music from unsigned artist during the show. Check them out!

Be sure you follow these brothers on twitter as well @stackones_nyur @calonedagod2 @firstbornman