cortez wayneGoogle has their fingers in a lot of pies. But one thing you don’t associate the search engine giant with is music.

That almost changed in a big way. In an interview with Rap Radar, Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant revealed that they almost signed a deal for Google a couple of years ago to front the money for the much delayed Tha Carter V album and then release it free of charge.

“We had a deal cut with Google where as though they were going to back the album and we were going to be able to put it out for free … When I presented it to Slim & Baby, they didn’t get it. They didn’t get streaming. And the label was against it.”

This is the second big piece of Carter V news we’ve heard this week. In an interview with the New York Times, Wayne proclaimed the album was completely finished and was better than anything he’s ever heard before.

Watch Bryant speak on Tha Carter V.

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