Kodak black pleaKodak Black is currently serving 120 days in the St. Lucie County, Florida jail as part of a drug possession plea deal.

But that’s probably just the beginning of his legal problems; he also faces sexual battery charges in South Carolina that could get him up to 30 years in prison.

The 19-year old addresses his situation by singing what seems to be the hook of a song during a phone call from the clink.

Being Incarcerated Ain’t Stopping NOTHING @KodakBlack1k Still Working! Free Da Goat / Broward MC pic.twitter.com/jaYs9MjUxX

— New Era Promotions (@NewEraPromo954) October 10, 2016

“I’ve been through a lot in my past/I’m tryna stay level-headed /I gotta stop moving so fast/I don’t know where I’m headed/You don’t even answer no more/It seem like you wanna be separate/Everybody telling me go/But I don’t know where I’m headed,” Kodak sings.

If and when Kodak comes home, would you like to hear more singing?

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