To most people, the protest for black lives are over, but to some people there is no retreat. A movement called BlackBrunch are hitting diners and predominately white brunch spots across New York and California to make sure folks never forget that black lives matter. While making their message clear off presence alone, they are entering and reading off the names of unarmed black americans killed by cops.

Here is what thegrio reported on it:

They reportedly said, “Every 28 hours, a black person in America is killed by the police. These are our brothers and sisters. Today and every day, we honor their lives.”

Protesters also asked restaurant patrons to stand and raise their fists “for black lives,” and apparently, a “good number” did just that.

Of course such a demonstration is going to attract support and opposition and where else to hear the worlds opinions than Twitter, but we also want to hear how you feel about this movement! Do you feel it is helping and bringing awareness? Do you feel is senseless? Let us know and be sure to check the gallery above to see what people had to say about #BlackBrunch.

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