conan-wizLast week, Wiz Khalifa got TV’s Conan O’Brien to smoke up with him.

It wasn’t even that big of a deal. Whereas even five years ago it would have been a mini scandal.

Acceptance of marijuana in the United States is moving forward at a rapid pace. In fact, if the current numbers hold, Arizona, California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada will join Colorado, Oregon and Washington in legalizing weed for recreational use.

Marijuana legalization is leading in every state it’s on the ballot this November. Latest polls:

AZ: 50%
CA: 60%
MA: 53%
ME: 53%
NV: 57%

— Christopher Ingraham (@_cingraham) October 3, 2016

Overall, 57 percent of U.S. adults say marijuana should be made legal, compared to the just 32 percent who did a decade ago.

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